Cohen's prayer tonight went something like this:

Dear Henly Fodder,
Gratefer (He kind of combines "grateful" and "for" into one word) this great day.
Gratefer my Mommy and Daddy and Jace.
Gratefer Grandma Stoddard and Grandma Lindsay.
And for Grandma Lindsay Papa and Grandma Stoddard Papa.
In the name of Jesus Christ,

Sweet boy.


Heidi said...

I love kids prayers. I know Jake is sincere when he mixes it up a bit and is randomly thankful for cows and horses.
We have been praying for a new job for Nate so that we can get into a house for quite a while now (I think we started a few months before he graduated)(and I imagine it is in the prayers of around 10% of the country too. She has been hearing it so much that she adds it to her prayers but asks that Mommy, Daddy and Maesyn can get a new job so that we can get into a new house. I guess she know how the economy is going... or she just got too caught up in things. Tonight I finally asked her if she really wanted me to me working (ideally a new job for Nate would mean allowing me to not work)... and if she wanted to go to work too. We will see what she prays for tomorrow night.

Jamie said...

LOL How cute! I love the little ones.

onehm said...

just darling!

Summer said...

So Addi comes home everyday and talks about her boyfriend and acts all disney channel like, and says, "I miss Gage" so Chaisy being the copy cat she is. says every afternoon "I miss Cohen" and when we pick her up from Christi's she says why is Cohen moving? and then does this totally fake pout. I think it's hilarious!

melmck said...

gracie's prayers are amazingly similar. i love little kid prayers.

Jodiane said...

i like this prayer. so sweet.

Amanda said...

that boy has a love of love in his life.

Cara said...

So cute. Kids say it like it is. That's how I want to be. Nathan is really branching out in prayer lately. This morning instead of just thanking Heavenly Father for the food, he thanked his for the bread, the bananas, the plates, the forks, the milk and the applesause.