Christmas bells are ringing...

First of all, my brother Steven passed his dental boards this week! Apparently the national pass rate is only like 60%. He wont admit that he's smart or that he studied really, really hard. He just says "the stars were aligned" and weird junk like that. Whatever. I'm proud.

It's funny that I dont post unless I have a picture to share. And since I haven't bothered to upload pictures for a while, I have neglected the blog altogether!

I have to say that I love Christmas time at the Stoddard house. Debi has 2 trees and Christmas decor on every wall and shelf and table and railing in the whole house! It's hard not to feel festive up in here.

My shopping is done. There's nothing worse than Christmas shopping in December so I try to avoid it. I'm not a fan of the crowds and lines and lack of parking. No thank you. I found most of our gems on Craigslist in October. I'll wait to wrap them late one night, just a few days until Christmas. I dont trust Jace... or his Dad with wrapped presents. Brad likes to ruin presents by feeling each box... thoughtfully considering its shape, weight, any sounds it might make. It's annoying. Maybe I should wrap a few fakies to throw him off!

My mom and step-dad delivered the kids' gift today. I cant wait for them to open it!! Remember I was searching for the marble run? My step-dad totally made one. I dont know why I didn't think to ask him. Luckily, they read the blog! My boys are going to FLIP over it.

Cohen's preschool Christmas program is the 17th at 10 am if any of you locals want to come. Call or email me for the location. It's going to be hilarious. He's been singing about wanting a hippopotamus for Christmas for 2 weeks!

Here's some linky fun I've been eyeing:


vegas WOLFINGTON said...

That is awesome about the marble run. Dave is friggin' cool.

Cara said...

That is such a Steven comment. I'm glad the stars were aligned.

Amanda said...

hooray steven. hooray christmas!

Alona said...

I love getting my shopping done early as well! Thanks for the links and I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas! Oh, I love the picture of your boys with the nylons on their heads! :)