Last night we had company.

Unexpected company, to be more specific.
The EQ Presidency stopped in for a chat.
Brad wasn't home.
He was driving the streets between home and the park, looking for the shoe that Jace threw out the van window.
We need that shoe.
I was just about to put Cohen in bed.
But when the elders come, we visit.
So I left Cohen watching TV and sat to chat.
Two minutes in, Cohen comes into the room naked from the waist down and announces that he peed on the couch.
I instruct him to put on new underwear and pajama pants and then I go on visiting, as if peeing on the couch is an everyday occurrence here.
He comes in 5-12 more times to tell me things.
He's hungry.
He's tired.
By now it's after 8:30.
Brad comes home empty handed.
The elders start a new round of small talk with him.

It was all fine and they are cool guys.
I just couldn't help thinking,
"The RS Presidency would never
come so late,
stay so long,
or miss the signs that it was time to go."

I'm just sayin'.


Auburn said...

for reals? that is kind of strange.

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...


Emily Ruth said...

strange indeed...

M. G. said...

You are hilarious! Absolutely right too, by the way. hahahaha

Jaime S. said...


Linz said...

Not my RS....no offense to them but they do not understand the meaning of WEARING OUT YOUR WELCOME!! It is funny that is was the EQ, I am actually surprised!

Mike and Becca said...

oh that's too funny.

You and jaime have this sameness about you and the way you write or talk or something... did you know that? do you think it's because you are good friends and rub off on each other or do you think it's the reason you are good friends... because you are alike? hmmm

Cara said...

It's all true. Bless your heart for being patient with them.