My plan to refresh my life in 2010

I read this in my mom's Ladies Home Journal. Just thought I'd share... since not everyone subscribes to Ladies Home Journal! :)

So these tips are ways to "refresh" different aspects of your life.

Image: Wear lipstick. (I dont currently own any and have no idea how to pick one.) Showcase your waist with a cute belt or short jacket/sweater. Wear cute shoes, even on casual days. (I dont think flip flops count.) Carry a cute purse. Be unexpected with style courage.

Marriage: Laugh together. Go to a comedy club or invite another couple to play games. (Laughter is cheap. Watch 30 Rock together or have a leg wrestling match. Whatever breaks up the norm.) Every other month, go away together for 24-36 hours without kids. (I'm SO down with this! I already have weekends blocked out on my calendar!)

Parenting: Spend 60 minutes every day doing whatever your child wants to do. Set a timer and just follow their lead. (So simple, so often the last priority.)

Friendships: Schedule friendships into your calendar. (Done.) Communicate regularly.

Family ties: Schedule time for siblings, cousins, grandparents, etc. (I need to call my Dad and Grandpa every week, do FHE with my brothers' family once a month, and continue my "Big Girls" e-letter that has been so much fun.)

To make it all happen: Design your ideal life. What would it look like? Who is in it? What are you doing on a daily basis? Then decide how to get there. Make a daily move forward. Be consistent. Celebrate a rewarding life when you achieve your goals.

Life changes, more than resolutions. Happy New Year!


M. G. said...

I like this! I am overwhelmed right now with all 4 kids home. I know it was crazy when they were little, but I got out of the habit. Whew....I love them all, but...2 of them need to go back to college.

Rebecca said...

I love stuff like this. Thanks for sharing.

summerbobummer said...

oooh some good ones!

Jodiane said...

i really liked this. thanks for posting. your comment on my blog was so funny. thanks

Rabab said...

that's inspired me..
I am planning to new start with 2010 as well...and that really encourage me to move forward "untill know",..

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