For he's a jolly good dentist!

Dr. Wolfington with his stunning wife and teenage son.
We ditched our kids and drove up to Vegas to watch my brother graduate from UNLV Dental School on May 7th. There's something about that pomp and circumstance song... it musters up all these emotions of pride and accomplishment and victory. It gets me every time! I'm so ridiculously proud of what they (he and his wife) have accomplished. (The wives of medical and dental students are unparalleled heroines in my book.)
I cant wait for the day that we are next door neighbors! My kids can play with their dog. Liz can be my personal yoga instructor and masseuse. I will lure her kids over with homemade bread. Brad will take out their trash every day and Steven will provide comic relief.
It's gonna be grand!


Leah said...

I would cry too...what a happy time..and how fun you were able to go without the kiddos!

vegas WOLFINGTON said...

Jill you are so kind. I had so much fun when you guys were here. I love adult sleep overs. Let's still do them even when we live in the same state. Next time Karolyn and I won't be so nice when you try to fall asleep on the couch so early. For now, Peoria and Gilbert are opposite of next door neighboors although, we will still come over for homeade bread.
Love Liz.

Jodiane said...

i am proud of him too. and of miss liz.good job to them both.