"The Event of the Century"

Brad and some of his besties had a little reunion this weekend. Most of these guys have been friends since high school. Some live here in town but a few had to fly in for the weekend. They dont get together very often... and maybe it's a good thing. When attendees are saying things like "nobody post anything that went on this weekend" then the weekend's events sound a little shady!

I'm so happy they got to do it, though. These are really good guys and Brad is all recharged like only a weekend full of laughter and shenanigans can do!


stephanie said...

i'm so glad they did it, too. i told mike next time the wives should come, though.

Cara said...

There is nothing like some time with people you love and don't get to see very often. Yeah for Brad.

Wolfingtons said...

Yea for him. I myself love those get aways.