If I lived somewhere cold, I'd buy these for fun!

Someday I will stay here, without children.

Maybe this or this or this should be my replacement wedding ring. Sigh.

I would love one of these for each of my kids.

Not necessarily a NEED but I still totally WANT this.

I think I'd wear this even though I dont really like the feeling of necklaces around my neck.

Since it's cooled off enough to go outside in the mornings and evenings, it must be time for yummy soups for dinner! We'll have this one and this one this week.

Oh how I WISH I had a video like this of my wedding day!!!

And now my soft-cheeked, nakey 2 year old wandered in asking me to "Hoad you, Nonny?" so I'm out.



onehm said...

LOVE that video! Thanks for sharing it!

Mike and Becca said...

oh now that was fun. It was like a little surprise everytime I clicked on the link.... "what's behind door number 1?" all of them great. I do live some place cold so maybe i'll try out those mittens and let you know how it goes. And let me know how it goes when you take your kids to that vacation spot... better yet, invite me and my kids to go with you. Not much prettier than that!

Auburn said...

I want that etsy necklace too! love it!

Mike and Becca said...

i just realized you said "withou" kids and I made the comment about taking kids. ok yeah it would be great without kids

Jaime S. said...

did you loose your wedding ring?