Happy Birthday Cathy!

My dad, on my left, married Cathy, in pink, just a few months before Brad and I got married. They lived in Germany for several years and now live in New Mexico. We're planning to go visit for the balloon festival in October. The above picture is our gathering in Holbrook in October to celebrate my dad's birthday with his parents. My grandpa Boyd, on the end, is delightful. I adore all 86 years of him.

Back to Cathy.

Cathy. Is. Fun.
She's smart, sassy and spunky.
She's a great grandma.
And she has darling short hair!

I dont even know if she and my dad read our blog but here's hoping her birthday is glorious!

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Cathy said...

Thanks Jill for those sweet compliments. I can hardly wait until you all come to visit. It will be like a huge slumber party.