Christmas Eve

We got together with my brothers' families for dinner, gingerbread houses, and Christmas caroling! I use the word gingerbread loosely because we actually just used graham crackers. All the same, it was such a fun evening!

Jace and Brad's train car

Cohen requested an alien house (so we used only green candy)

Jace would not stay in this picture without me touching him.

Liz and I made a prego sandwich with Karolyn!
The biggest smile belongs to the woman who is done with pregnancy!


Mike and Becca said...

oh look at how cute you look. It seems like Its been a while since I've seen a picture of you. Such a cute face you have! and no christmas card this year? ahh bummer for me. I wasn't going to send one. I felt like I would just be repeating myself since I blog everything and everyone already know's what the kids look like this year, but alas we did. missed yours. Happy new year

Jaime S. said...

i can't stop thinking... 9 months is a LONG time. almost a year. you are lookin' good.

Amanda said...

so fun! Merry Christmas to all!

Kristal said...

You look SOOO good! You almost make me wanna get pregnant. Glad you guys had a great Christmas.