Countdown to Christmas!

Jace and I woke with a start to realize it was 15 minutes until our ward Christmas breakfast! We woke up Daddy and dashed out the door.

After breakfast, we headed straight over to the Phoenix Children's Museum. We were nervous when we saw the empty parking lot but it turned out that we were just early birds and had the place almost to ourselves for the first hour. We had SO MUCH FUN!
drive-thru car wash

We played non-stop for close to 4 hours! This was our first visit but I think we'll try to go 2-3 times a year from now on. It's seriously SO fun!


Courtney said...

were you the only ones there? it seriously looks like you rented the place out!

Jill said...

We got there about 15 minutes after it opened and the parking lot was EMPTY! We were so nervous it was closed! He really did have it to ourselves for about an hour. It was awesome.

Heidi said...

LUCKY. i've only gone on free days. Crazy. It would be fun to have it not so busy!

Cara said...

You really do have a great husband. There's nothing like a great man by your side to make life the best it can be.