Name game

Gavin has always been on, and then off, the maybe list of baby names. We went to the hospital with the list being Grayson, Gavin, Liam, Jonah, Zach, and Ryan. We crossed off Zack and Ryan as soon as he was born. They just didn't fit. Liam was gone by the end of the day. We crossed off Jonah by the next morning. We actually decided, tentatively, on Grayson and even told my mom and another friend that was his name when they came to the hospital. We never committed to it enough to write it on any hospital forms though. We both liked Gavin better but didn't think he looked like a Gavin. Whatever that means. His looks changed by the hour as the swelling went down so that was kind of out the window anyway.

Friday afternoon, as we were checking out of the hospital, the nurses were giving us a hard time about not having a name. They wanted us to fill out the birth certificate and social security card stuff. I really didn't want to go home with a nameless baby anyway so I was kind of glad they were bugging us about it. Brad and I agreed that we like Gavin the best and so we just went with it. We spent another hour deciding on his middle name. Gavin Lee, Gavin Kenyon, Gavin Ralph, Gavin William. All family names. William is my dad's dad's name; William Boyd. We LOVE him and really wanted to honor him with a namesake. I also have a friend named Terry William Woods, who passed away about 10 years ago, that I adored and miss terribly. Brad signed on and the nameless baby now has the perfect name!

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Cara said...

Yeah, I'm so glad he's here safe. Really looking forward to getting my third boy here too. May he sleep well very soon.