GREAT Grandpa

Meet William Boyd Wolfington

Here is one of my favorite grandpas ever. This is my dad's dad. He turns 84 this month. We went to his birthday party tonight. He's so enjoyable to me. He likes to listen to the police scanner on his CB radio. In high school he heard me get pulled over for speeding. The phone was ringing the minute I got home. He wanted to know if I was ok and then laughed at me a little for getting a ticket! I love him. He has such a calm and genuine presence. He's not easily offended and is as caring as the day is long. Here he is with 4 of his 6 great grandkids: Jeff's kids Logan and Kenzie, my son Cohen and Trevor's son Dylan.

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Stinky (my nickname growing up) (SLW) said...

GRANDPA!! Dang that looks like a great Wolfington get-together. Dang 'ol moved to Las Vegas! I am extremely jealous of that mini-family reunion.