Still cute!

Our pediatrician calls them "yellow, seedy, explosive bowels" and he is right on the money! Luckily, Cohen usually enjoys bathtime so clean up isn't horrible. Well, cleaning HIM isn't horrible. Getting that paint-like mess out of his clothes, blankets and sheets is another story!

He's so sweet and smiley now... We cant get enough. Brad admitted to tearing up one morning this week when he had his first "talk" with Cohen. Brad cooed and Cohen would try to repeat the same noise. It's just so magical when he keeps your gaze and tries to talk to you. It's fantastic!


Marcie said...

Hey Jill and Brad.
I had to get this blog address from Jayna to get a look at your baby. What's up with that?! He is so cute. Welcome to the world of parenthood! It is a trip. Love the poop. Darrin says that all mothers eventually end up talking about baby poop at one point or another in every conversation.
Love ya. Marcie

Stephanie said...

he is really cute, even if he is covered in poop. mabel was talking about how cute he was the other day.

Jamie said...

Hey Jill,
I just thought I'd check up on you guys. I can't believe that poo! I'm in for a big treat, I can't wait. Thanks again for dinner the other night and for letting me pick your brain. You've really been helpful. C-ya!