Feeding Frenzy

After several minutes of Cohen's covetous stares at my sandwhich, I decided to cut up some avacado and see if he would and could feed himself. He cant and didn't.

Are you wondering why I took so many pictures instead of stopping the chaos? It was so funny! And he LOVED it... until it got in his eyes.


Wolfingtons said...

I'm actually impressed that you let him get so messy. Did you have to wear an apron to get him cleaned up? Or did you turn green too?

jayna said...

The avocado made his skin even softer, you know! He's had rice cereal, sweet potatoes, avocados, I think beets are next on the color wheel!
He is CUTE no matter what color he is!

Catherine said...

Cohen might be on to something for younger looking skin. I bet if I told my grandma that raw avocado helped restore youth, she'd try it.