Mesa School Board Elections

If you live in Mesa, or know people that do, you should know that my WONDERFUL aunt Alayne is running for the school board. Elections aren't until November 7th but now's a good time to spread the word around town. She truly is more involved with her children's schooling than any mother I've ever known. She plans, fundraises and chaperones grad night, she's involved in all the school plays and concerts, and she’s on every PTA-type committee imaginable. She's a concerned and compassionate mom... Who better for the school board? Vote Alayne Udall Favreau on November 7th!


steven said...

yea!! that's awsome that she is running!

Leah said...

Go Aunt Alayne! I took that picture! Haha! I hope she wins! Your cute to advertise for her!