Dumpster Dive

For those curious about our move, we are still waiting for our buyer's financing to come through. We cant get our financing for the new house until then so it's just a waiting game at this point. They keep saying it'll be any day now... We spent all day Saturday doing touch up painting on the outside of our house and packing stuff up. Brad and I each took a turn "dumpster diving", him for boxes and me for newspapers to pack with. I might add that he rather enjoyed himself in the trash area behind Safeway. He came home with 7 loaves of old bread that had been thrown out! This from a man who wont drink the milk anywhere near the expiration date!


Courtney said...

The question is...did you let him keep them?

Jill said...

Of course I did! I used to work at this homeless shelter and most of our donated food was day-old bread and other expired stuff. You learn to go by smell and taste, more than date. ;) Anything to save a buck!