A privilege and an duty

I would like to remind you all that elections are coming up on November 7th. There are so many propostitons on the ballot, besides all the races for Governor, school board and senate seats. Now is the time to start wading through all the info and deciding how you'll vote. The AZ Secretary of State puts out a Publicity Pamphlet summarizing each proposition and citing pros and cons of each. Get one at www.azsos.gov or call 1-877-THE VOTE. Dont rely on other people's opinions about the propositions that will affect your life here in AZ.

Do you complain about the policies of your children's school? If so, ask yourself, "Did I vote for the members of our school board? Do I even know the members of the school board?" Change starts at a grass roots level whether you live on a farm or in the inner city, and all change starts by electing people to implement change, whether it is a mayor or a president.

Remember, too, when you are unhappy with the condition of your town's roads or your state's tax rate, being involved, voting for and knowing your elected officials will enable you to voice your complaints to the appropriate representatives. You voted for them and they work for you.

Whether the excuse is apathy or laziness, voting has become a privilege that far many too Americans take for granted. The next time you neglect to vote, ask yourself how you would feel if you didn't have a choice – to elect a president, or choose a job, or decide how many children to have. There are many countries where a person does not have a choice, and I'm sure they would gladly change places with you for the fundamental privilege of voting!


Catherine said...

When can I vote for you for an elected position?

stoddardfam said...

2014 at the earliest