Bragging Rights

It's not that I dont have things to blog about... I just haven't had the blogging bug lately. The main reason is that our desk is in our driveway and our computer is sitting on the floor. This makes for very uncomfortable typing conditions. We've also been busy getting our tree up and watching The Biggest Loser finale. Did you see it? People lost up to 50% of their body weight. Unbelievable. Inspiring.

Anyway- I do have some great pics to share.

Cohen continues to be cute, as you can imagine. He's been crawling for a week now. One day he decided it was ok to bend at the knee and he's been cruisin' ever since!

He is quite the independent eater these days. He gets very frustrated when I take the spoon to put food on it. As a result, mealtime is exponentially more messy than it used to be.

In non-Cohen news: I'm not shy to report that we have the most BEAUTIFUL, and popular, tree in our zip code. The previous owners and our neighbors have gone on and on about this tree. We didn't catch the full affect until this week when it suddenly turned the most amazing color and began to drop it's leaves. Literally, and I'm NOT exagerating, people drive up to the house and ask if they can take pictures of the tree! So we now have a second income source. :)

The neighbor kids also asked if we mind if they rake up the leaves so they can jump in them. Do we mind? We dont even own a rake! "Rake away", I told them!


Jennie said...

Cohen looks like he's lovin' the messy eating life! And good luck with upgrading your baby-proofing to a crawler now! Your tree is amazing, and how lucky you are to have volunteer rakers!

Stephanie said...

wow, that tree really is beautiful. and cohen is a doll.

Leah said...

Yeah for crawling! That is so great! Busy, busy...what out and don't step on him, they creep up on ya. That tree is beautiful....I hope to see it someday!

Jamie said...

I am in awe of that tree! Save me a leaf would ya?