Here's what me thinks:

Me thinks tonight is our 3rd night back at home. Me thinks. We're still living in boxes and mess but at least we're sleeping in beds now. We're making progress! Brad finished painting the master bedroom today so we'll set up the furniture in there tomorrow and make it feel like a real room. An actual living space instead of a storage closet. Cohen's room is a work in progress... In fact, we still have several projects to do before we'll call it good, but I think we're done for a while. We just want to enjoy each other (and Christmas) without any remodeling for a while. I'll post pictures sometime but there's not much to see yet. I dont want to do the big "before and after" shots until there's really an "after". Ya know?

Cohen is finally crawling... kind of! If he really, truly wants something he'll crawl a bit to get to it. (Food, cell phones, etc.) I think he might also be getting a tooth this week. He's had more pleasant days for sure. Poor thing. He's such a good napper though... I just put him down, blow a kiss, and wave bye as I walk out of the room. He does the rest. What a dreamy kid, huh?


Jennie said...

You poor thing! I can't blame you for wanting to take a break for your sanity. You must be so overwhelmed with Christmas plans and trying to fix up your home. Good thing Cohen sleeps so well, one less thing to stress about!

leah+2 said...

YAY for crawling! I hope you house is done soon! He is dreamy!

Codie said...

Hang in there! Let us know when you start again and we will render our services.

Emery and Jen Layton said...


Hey girl. I seriously can't belive you are a blogger!

I hope all is well with you, and Jill, Cohen is such a cute kid!

Jen (West) Layton