Joy and pain

I had a migraine today. I think it was a mild migraine but they are still worse than your average run of the mill headache. I woke up with it and it has lasted all day long. I was still able to go about my day completely, I just had to squint at the light and not move as quickly. I have increased admiration for people who have severe migraines on a regular basis... and I know several of these people personally.
In better news, Cohen was hilarious today when I washed the car. He LOVES water... Bath water, pool water and now hose water. I eventually stripped him down to his diaper because his clothes were soaked. Every time I turned around he was lapping up the water off the driveway! I wish I'd had a camera! I did video him eating mud from the puddle made by the hose. I've always said I want fat, muddy babies wearing nothing but diapers and today I got my wish!
I'll try to upload that video and
the one of him walking
very soon. He took his first steps on Grandpa Udall's birthday, March 6th. Very fun!


Jamie said...

Ouch, sorry to hear about the migraine. I'm excited to see the video of Cohen. That is so exciting. :)

jayna said...

I can't wait to see Cohen walking!! I'm glad you have a fat, muddy, underdressed baby!
I'm sooo sorry you had a migraine .. I'll show you some trigger points to use that will relieve some of the pain, when y ou come next week.
Love, Mom

Mimi said...

I totally feel your pain with the migraine's! i get them also & hate life when it happens. do you have any special meds for it? but seriously, props on washing the car w/ the migraine. i would have let it stay dirty! or let someone else wash it. and in response to my blog i have no idea how much i would charge to decorate your pad but lets talk. Did you stop by the other morning & ring the doorbell?