My husband, part 2

I may go out of town more often.
I came home to a mowed lawn,
freshly planted flowers,
newly organized Arizona room,
new shelves for my food storage and camping gear,
clean kitchen,
clean laundry and
a baby who'd slept through the night
both nights I was gone.
I hate that Brad's a better wife and mom than me!
Dang him for being so great!


Brooke said...

I am glad to hear someone else has a husband who is a Super "Mr. Mom". Beef gets way more done on a Sautrday home with the girls, than I get done all week! It amazes me! It's nice not to have to worry when you're away, isn't it? Way to go Brad!

melmck said...

Whenever I go visit my family in Utah, Robby has always done something big here at home like rearraging furniture and what have you. Sounds like Brad is the same.

Mimi said...

Nice! good times when the hubby gets stuff done. hope you had a great trip.

steven said...

alright, it's about time to hear what Brad did wrong that he is obviously making penance for. He bought the 50" wide-screen didn't he... or maybe he is buttering you up for it.

Trust me, from a man's perspective,... there is something going on here.

Auburn said...

Seriously . . . you need to hang on to that one. I think we all scored with our men. Mine puts up with so much. Saturday he hung pictures for me ALL day in our apartment, and even rehung one once, without complaining, when I changed my mind ;o) Gotta love good mormon boys.