Where is your cell phone? I never know
Your hair? now dark
Your favorite drink? Sonic Route 44 ice water
Your shoes? flip flops
Your fears? chipping my front teeth
What do you wish you could do? Hair/Make-up (without having to go to beauty school)
Enjoy? house stalking with Brad
What are you not good at? I tend to sweat the small stuff
One of your wish list items? trampoline
Where you grew up? where didn't I?
Last thing you did? ate wasa crakcers with hummus
Your pet? someday, maybe
What are you thinking about right now? what's for dinner
Your kitchen? needs updating
School? LOVE IT. someday I want to go to law school and beauty school, maybe simultaneously :)
Pet peeve? Unreliability/flakiness
Miss? for a while there I loved to run, I miss loving it
Stresses? $$ (we currently need a new roof, our pool may be leaking, and our AC is on the fritz)
Dreams? feature length films
Love? Brad's lips!


The Rogers said...

too fun. i love stuff like this!

Mary Postert said...

Although I never thought of chipping my front teeth as one of my fears, now that you mention it, I think I'm afraid of that.

Jaime S. said...

what do you mean by stalking houses?

Courtney said...

That is exactly what I was wondering....

Jill said...

We are always looking for houses that are for sale and then we walk through them, find out online how much the seller paid to see what kind of deal they are going to make, watch it to see when it sells, etc. We do all of this with no current intention of buying a house!