3 reasons why the Lord asks us to honor the Sabbath

  1. Has to do with our physical need for rest and renewing. Obviously God, who created us, would know more than we do of the limits of our physical and nervous energy and strength.
  2. Even more significant is the need for regeneration and the strengthening of our spiritual being. God knows that, left to our own devices without regular reminders of our spiritual needs, many would degenerate into the preoccupation of satisfying earthly desires and appetites.
  3. Possibly most importantly is obedience to the commandments as an expression of our love for God. Blessed are those who need no reasons other than their love for the Savior to keep His commandments. When the angel asked Adam why he made a sacrifice unto the Lord, Adam responded, "I know not, save the Lord commanded me." (Moses 5:6)

Today's Sabbath Solution, invite someone over to share Family Home Evening on Monday night. Design an invitation or make a phone call. Your guest could be a neighbor of another faith or a family from your own ward that you want to get to know.


The Rogers said...

i love this. what a good reminder. i love sunday!! it is my favorite day. (although sometimes i don't feel like i'm "resting" much :))

Melissa and Craig said...


Jaime said...

i've noticed a trend to your Sunday blog. are you calling us to repentance?

Jill said...

"us" is a general term. i've been studying about honoring the Sabbath because I'm sick of just napping and lying around all day. i wanted to know how to really use the day. so what i learn, i pass on.