My friend, I care

Dont tell me that you understand
Dont tell me that you know.
Dont tell me that I will survive,
How I will surely grow.

Dont tell me this is just a test,
That I am truly blessed,
That I am chosen for this task,
Apart from all the rest.

Dont come at me with answers
That can only come from me,
Dont tell me how my grief will pass
That I will soon be free.

Dont stand in pious judgment
Of the the bounds I must untie,
Dont tell me how to suffer,
And dont tell me how to cry.

My life is filled with selfishness,
My pain is all I see,
But I need you, I need your love,

Accept me in my ups and downs,
I need someone to share,
Just hold my hand and let me cry,
And say, "My friend, I care."

We're deeply grieving with our dear friends who recently lost their 5 week old son to SIDS. We cant even begin to know their pain. Without the eternal bonds of the gospel, all would seem lost. Our prayers our very full.


Codie said...

that is devastating. I am so sorry to hear that. It is amazing that SIDS is so real. My heart is broken for your friends.

Abbie said...

That poem is so touching. It's exactly how I feel. It's so hard to know what to say to someone in such a hard situation, and this really helps.

Leah said...

Wow....hugs and prayers for your friend. That is just awful!

Anonymous said...

perfectly said.

little jill said...

I am so sad for your friends. That poem was perfect, losing a child at any age is a mother's biggest fear and SIDS scares the crap out of me every time I have a newborn. My heart goes out to those parents.