My friend Jaime did this on her blog and it got me thinking. Here are 7 random things about Brad and I, The Couple:

1) We met in our singles ward. We dated briefly, broke up for a year, then promptly got married.
2) We run our house a little backwards from most. I do the yard, the trash, wash the cars, etc. He makes our kitchen sparkle and can clean any room in under 3 minutes.
3) After high school, we both worked at the DQ on McKellips though not at the same time.
4) We both want nose jobs.
5) We are both extremely crazy sleepers. One or the other of us is always falling out of the bed, talking while sleeping, looking for Cohen in the bed, etc.
6) We love to play Connect Four and Boggle in bed before we go to sleep. We like to think we’re warding off dementia.
7) We have very little in common, truth be told. A few examples: I’m a democrat, he’s not. He loves movies, I don’t. I could live my whole life barefoot, he thinks it's icky. He likes expensive stuff that I’m embarrassed to own. I love fish, he hates it. He wants to eat pizza for every meal, I don’t care for it much. I love to exercise as much as he loves to find excuses not to.


Mary Postert said...

Jill, this was so fun to read. I especially like the part about you guys playing Boggle in bed. That sounds like something Tanner and I would do.

onehm said...

This WAS fun to read. Love the things that you shared...
Very cool idea!

Jaime S. said...

Jill, as you know me and my Brad don't have much in common either and people ask how we ended up together. I don't really like that question because I like him so much and love being married to him. I wish others would accept our differences ; )

Kristal said...

Jill! This is soo cute! Your kids will LOVE to have this info on their parents. So cute, I'm going to copy...sometime. I've got a list of blogging ideas. It's taking over my life. I need to get control. I love LOVE that he cleans...does he cook? Jase has cooked 2 meals since we've been married! ARGH!
Fun Stuff.

Jourdan Johanna said...

lovin' the butt grab

The Rogers said...

FUNNY!!! i love the sleeping part, that cracks me up when i imagine you both falling out of bed. and i do think that opposites attract! when you're too much the same, it could get a little boring.