Year in Pictures

January '07 First Tooth

February '07 First birthday family pictures

March '07 Water bug

April '07 Big boy

May '07 Mama's boy

June '07 Udall Reunion to Flagstaff and Havasupai

June '07 Lovin' on Daddy's bike chain

August '07 Mom's trip back to Havasupai

October '07 Waiting for the mailman

December '07 "Fall"

December '07 Cohen the Shepard (front in red) at Opie Nativity

We welcome 2008!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Awesome pictures! Love the ladies' hiking! How FUN! We love hiking, too. Although, I've never done havasupai or anything super hard.

Hey BTW, Ben & I just saw I Am Legend this morning. Awesome! The ending was sad, I love happy endings.