Raise Up A Righteous Posterity

LOVED the training broadcast on families last weekend! Favorite points include:
  • Our best efforts should go to our kids.
  • There is urgency in our teaching them gospel principles and standards.
  • We are accountable before God if we fail to teach them what He would have them know. It's not easy but He has set forth a pattern and there is help.
  • Selfishness may be the single biggest challenge in marriage.
  • We must bear kids with the intention to do the work it takes to save them.
  • Use all family time to teach and nurture relationships.
  • Reclaim the joy of the Sabboth.

I also got reenergized about family scripture time. Since Cohen wont sit and listen to scripture reading, we've tried just letting him play in the room where we are reading, hoping he'll catch bits and pieces. He's just too little for it. I now realize that it's ok to adjust to his age. He's not going to sit and listen to 10 minutes of scripture reading but he can help me with a two minute flannel board story about the sacrament or he can color a picture about being kind to a friend. As long as I establish the pattern of "gospel time", I can build on it as he grows. I want him to be able to say, "Everything I ever learned at church, I had already learned at home."


Andrea said...

Loved the meeting too!! Didn't feel like I was being "Preached" at just reminded in good ways. Lots of great ideas from the "discussion" panel. Love the ideas you pointed out. Yah, we need to create a scripture time that the kids can sit thru. We stopped doing it because it was such a train wreck that nothing good was coming of it. I kept thinking "I'm doing what I'm supposed to by reading to them, why isn't this easier?" You know like being blessed for CTR and have them sit quiet so we can continue to teach them. I guess it's not quantity of time, but the quality of time we do use to teach them. Thanks for sharing!!

emidinkl said...

I missed it, so thank you for the synopsis. Ya think there is somewhere (maybe the church website) I can listen to an Mp3 of it? Again, I am looking to you for my example for when Mo is Co's age. Love the flannel board idea.