Two is Terrrrrific!

Cohen is 2 today!
To start off with a bang,
he probably went to time-out 18 times today.
So is 2 terrible or terrific?
My guess is, a lot of both. Ask me in a year.

His little party was fun. He loves to imitate Cookie Monster cramming things into his mouth, but this talking/ giggling Cookie Monster freaks him out. He wont touch it! I dont remember if he's laughing or screaming in this picture.

What is a 2 year olds favorite thing?

Oh the excitement... !

Cohen and Kenz enjoying the cupcakes
they decorated themselves.
Cohen couldn't get enough sugar today.
I even let him chug the bottle of rainbow sprinkles!
Hey, you're only 2 once!

Happy Birthday, buddy.


Anonymous said...

These 2 darlings got old when I wasn't looking!! What great pictures!! Happy Birthday
Ice Cream Cohen!
Love, Grandma L.

molly said...

Happy Birthday to Cohen! Province is two in a few weeks, feeling the same way, terrible or terrific? I think a lot of both is accurate!

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Cohen! Love the pictures, he is just so cute.

... lol after reading your blog for a few months now I finally commented! lol

Brooke said...

I can't believe he's TWO already! Happy Birthday Cohen!

M. G. said...

What a cutie-pie. Treasure every minute, because before you know it they are in Texas serving a mission. M

Leah said...

Happy B-day to Your Mr. Cohen....2 is oh so fun!

Amanda said...

with hyrum, 3 was harder than 2. but 4 is a dream! happy birthday co!