The Pitiful Patient

We tubed him. It's a done deal.
Neither Cohen nor the womb baby slept much the night before surgery so we were all EXHAUSTED when we had to get up at 5:45 to be at the surgicenter by 6:30 am. Cohen wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything that morning, which he was quite unhappy about. He was falling asleep by 7:30 when they came to get him.

He had to have two security blankets and two "babies" in the bed with him. The nurses were really good about letting him keep all of his stuff with him and taking the bears temps before they took Cohen's.

The surgery only took a few minutes. This picture is about 20 minutes post-surgery. The nurses said when they first roused him he said, "tired" and closed his eyes again. They all thought it was really cute.

And this is a few hours post-surgery. I think he's showing me his gum. He was only mellow for about an hour and then was back to his crazy-self. He took a good nap and slept through the night too.

So far, so good!


emidinkl said...

I'm so glad he's doing well. Cheers for no ear-aches!

Stephanie said...

oh, i am so glad it went well! give him our love.

Anonymous said...

Good Deal, the tubes make a big difference. I'm glad to see he's doing good. I think it ends up being harder on the mommy then anything else. Especially when they take him away to do it. Have a good day..
Brandy G

Auburn said...

yeah - I'm glad you did it. It worked wonders for my nephew once they did it for me. I hope they work!

Wolfingtons said...

What a trooper!

Lisa said...

So glad it went well. Hopefully you and he will get some reliefe.

Amanda said...

my baby boy's surgery was way more traumatic for me than it was for him. did you find yours to be the same?