Next time I'll "yook"

Cohen took abnormally long to fall asleep at naptime today. I heard him talking for 20-30 minutes after I left the room. I was curious when he said several times,
"Yooka Mommy, yooka me."
I wanted him to go to sleep though so I didn't go in.
Fast forward 3 hours to when he wakes up.
Diaper in a heap on the floor,
shorts next to him in the crib,
and a HUGE wet spot under his bummie.
When asked what happened to his diaper, he said,
"I threw it!" (Duh.)
But did you read the part about him
sleeping for 3 hours?
Maybe half-naked and lying in urine is the secret to our napping success!


Jamie & Johnny said...

I always go in and check on Trey when he plays for that long. Guaranteed it's a time of exploration and learning for these toddlers. I'm glad it wasn't a worse pile of something. :)

emidinkl said...

He he. I love this story. Hmmm...we need a special nap secret this week. Morris' schedule went OUT THE WINDOW when he got sick. Any suggestions?

Andrea said...

That's funny!!! Congrats on the LONG nap!!

Wolfingtons said...

Kids are so fun!!

Summer said...

yeah anything longer than normal and out of the ordinary is usually disasterous here. Glad it worked out well for you! he-he