Got Junk?

A friend of mine is having a fund raiser garage sale this Friday and Saturday over by Mesa High. Her insurance wont pay for her 2 year old's hearing aid so she's trying to raise close to $1500. If you have anything you want to get rid of, please drop it off at my house by Thursday of this week OR let me know so I can come pick it up. Anything and everything appreciated.

Let me jog your memory:

  • that old bike you've been meaning to fix
  • the cookware you still haven't opened from your wedding
  • the table you've been meaning to refinish
  • the clothes your family has grown out of
  • the toys cluttering up your child's room
  • the old couch on your back patio
  • the swing set your kids have outgrown
  • the golf clubs you haven't touched in 4 years

You get the idea. Thanks for your help!


emidinkl said...

I have a bunch of clothing I'd like to donate. I'm close to Mesa High, I'm happy to take it and save anyone else the hassel. When should I bring it?

M. G. said...

Jill, I have tons of stuff, but I can't get it too you. All the things you listed, I have. I've been trying to get them the our thrift store, but just haven't gotten around to it. Wish I were closer.

Jourdan said...

Jill, you are 100% Do-Gooder; a sucker for helping people in need. You're awesome.

I hope little Jace is giving you some rest!