Jace celebrated his two week birthday having his hearing re-tested. Right ear passed, left didn't. The audiologist knelt down by my chair and very tenderly and sympathetically said, "Try not to worry yet. Only 1-2% of babies are born with hearing loss. Dont worry until you know your child is one of them." Excuse me, how do I NOT worry?

So now my pediatrician gets a report and refers me to another place that will do more extensive testing and treatment if necessary.

I am relieved that his right ear passed, at least. I know that's good news. Still, it's hard not to worry that he'll get teased in elementary school, that he wont be able to hear his soccer coach yelling from the sidelines, and that his wife will always have to talk into his good ear. I know it could be worse, but I'm his mommy... and so I worry anyway.


Kimberly said...

I know whatcha mean. The pains of mommyhood are never ending. And I know this doesn't bring any relief now, but regardless of the upcoming results, it will be okay. Maybe not today or tomorrow... but it will in time. In the meantime, give him lots of snuggles and remember you've got a large amount of support on your side.

Codie said...

My brother is deaf in one ear but was able to learn Chinese successfully. Which is all tones and sounds. Plus...he's only 2 weeks old how accurate are those tests?

stephanie said...

stella didn't pass on one of her ears, either. they had to recheck it a ton of times. i think it takes a while for all of the fluid to dry up in those little tiny newborn ears.

Amber said...

My youngest failed in both ears twice while we were in the hospital, then initially failed in one ear at his recheck. My second failed in one ear, then they rechecked him before we went home and he passed. I know it sounds odd, but with him I took comfort in the fact that we knew he was hearing in at least one ear.

Telling a mother not to worry is like telling a bird not to fly. Is just isn't going to happen. Just know that he's already at an advantage because he has a mom who IS concerned, and that everything will work out. It can take a long time for all that fluid to dry up.

Jamie said...

I'm sorry to hear he'll need more testing. I'm sure it's going to be fine but I understand your worries. We'll keep him in our prayers. He is the cutest 2 week old I've ever seen. I was in love with those pictures.

Amanda said...

hyrum failed his hearing test too. i theorize it was all the fluid gunk.

Diana said...

You might think I am crazy...but I will give my two cents anyway.
Start getting him adjusted regularly if you haven't already. The Power that made the body, heals the body! If the spine is aligned, the nervous system will function properly. Some think it is crazy to adjust a new baby, but the birthing process causes subluxations. Both of my girls have been adjusted since birth.
I hope that the next test will have positive results!
And will pray for you to have some comfort and peace.
Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day! Your boys are so adorable!

Mimi said...

Good luck with that. What a sweet little man he is. Too darn cute! I know the worries of a mom, but I'm sure it will all work itself out and everything will be fine. We'll keep you and the little man in our prayers.

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