Better luck next year

Brad suffered a mild broken heart this weekend when his first Fathers & Sons campout didn't quite live up to his expectations.
After a very cold, very sleepless night in a tent with a 2 year old (who wanted only chocolate milk and "Mommy's house"), Brad encountered this sight. Cohen wasn't satisfied throwing rocks into the river, he had to get into the frigid water in every article of clothing Brad had packed.

So it was off to the Payson Wal-mart to buy new stuff. Here's Cohen trying out his new Lightning McQueen water shoes.

And playing with his new ball.

I keep telling Brad that I would have traded my night alone with our newborn for the smile you see above. At least with 2 year old chaos, there are intermittent smiles and laughter to keep you sane. I long for the moment Jace can make eye contact, or smile, or be distracted from his crying.
6 weeks right? Isn't that the magic age?
We're almost half-way there.


Auburn said...

Oh girl - IT WILL GET BETTER. I agree though that you need the smiles, they definitely make the madness worth it. I love seeing Cannon's adorable smiles. OUr Fathers and Sons campout is next weekend and I told Dave that I would be willing to let him take Cannon, he declined.

Jourdan said...

Is he colicy?

If so, I am SOO sorry. And I know every baby is very different, but I didn't really notice a huge improvement in Elliot until he was 6 Months. So... not to be discouraging, I just want you to be prepared if it goes beyond 6 weeks.

When you start to hear his shrill cries in your head, even when you are looking at him sleeping calmly, then just call me. I will tell you you're still sane and things will be alright.

I wish you the best!

Mary Postert said...

We went camping last weekend too and it was freezing and miserable at night and we didn't get much sleep. But we had just us, no toddler to worry about. I feel sorry for Brad. Maybe next year.

Amanda said...

i'd give it a year. that first year is hard!

Jill said...

I'm not calling it colic yet because he has good days and bad days. I think colic is more constant, right? Like today, he slept all morning and for the previous several days, the morning has been his craziest time. I think he's just still new and figuring it all out.

mike said...

I've been wondering for a year if I should have taken oliver last year as a two-year-old. Now I know I made the right decision.

A Letter To Kayleen said...

jill, i'm glad you wrote that comment.

i cried non-stop for the first 2 months after elliot was born. mostly because elliot cried non-stop for the first 2 months. crying babies are emotionally draining on the whole family.

and whether it got easier for me or i just got used to the life change, i don't know. i just know that i eventually stopped crying. and so did elliot.

vegas WOLFINGTON said...

that is a funny Father and Son's story.

sorry, my comment is boring.

vegas WOLFINGTON said...

Eli can't stay out of the water either. I'm so glad I got to see Jace. He's awesome. I wish I could have helped out more. I love getting our boys together. Are you going to G&G's wed anniversary? love you. Liz

Lisa said...

I guess every baby is so different. Easton tricked me and didn't start the non stop crying until 6 weeks. Amanda is right about the whole 1st year being hard. Sorry about the unencouraging words. I guess we all go through it together. If I lived near you I would come get Cohen everytime Jace was asleep so you could sleep.