My full heart

I haven't felt like blogging.
My heart aches for our friends
who lost their 8 week old baby girl this week
and all over again for our friends
who lost their 5 week old baby boy last summer,
both to SIDS.
As the mother of a 7 week old,
it's all very emotional and painful for me.
I feel for the mothers and fathers
that have to say goodbye to their tiny babes
and am overcome with gratitude
for the sustaining knowledge that
we are eternally sealed to our families.
Without that knowledge, tragedies like these
would be absolutely unbearable.
Brad will attend the funeral in California on Monday.
He's such a loyal friend, loving FATHER and selfless husband.
Happy Father's Day to him and to my own dad in Germany.
Times like these really put things in perspective and remind us what's truly important.


Jourdan said...

I've been reading their blog for a while now because twins just absolutely fascinate me.

I never knew my heart could ache so badly for someone I've never met. Because their blog is public, I am sure they are in more prayers than they can even comprehend.

What an amazing family they are.

Anonymous said...

HELLO family.
To hear of the losse of these sweet sprits, after looking forward to them in the family and shareing in all the wonderful events and then to wake to find the have returned to their father in heaven really tears at the heart.
My heart goes out to your friends.
I love you Jill and Brad and Cohen and Jace.
Happy fathers day Brad!!!!

The Lowes said...

This is truly a sad time, the only thing that brings peace and joy is the sweet spirit of a loving father in heaven and his gospel. What a blessing to be sealed together and to have the chance to raise these precious children again in the life hereafter, when all is perfect. Love to you and your friends. You are a great person Jill!

Leah said...

Wow....this is really heartbreaking....so very sad. I know you are hugging your boys extra tight.....I will be praying for them.

Mimi said...

How precious life is. I also could not imagine loosing a child without the gospel in my life. Hope everything is good and that your sweet little one is doing great.

Aunt Nona said...

Jill, my perspective is so at the other end, as I just took Grandma to go to Mesa for awhile. It was her idea; "might be good for Leona." Gone from her for almost 45years is one son, another for 5, and now she watches her daughter fade away. How is it to be endured?
She yearns for the eternity she has had faith in all her life. I love her so much. Such good thoughts you have. Aunt Nona