Lighten Up


Yo! Check it. It's Brad comin' at you live! Sometimes I wish there was an announcer every time I was about to talk. He would probably say something to that effect. Anyways, this blog entry is an ode to my little tiny bro Sean. He just got back from serving in Iraq. Up until he left I don't think I had ever prayed harder in my entire life. I would fervently ask Heavenly Father to protect him everyday. Sometimes up to 3 times a day.

This video is awesome. Some people use diplomacy to reach across to people of other lands. Others use song or maybe gifts. Sean on the other hand uses the most annoying talent he has (making farting noises with his hands) to cross the great divide and unify two countries. Things to note: how much gear and armor he has on, how many people gather around to watch him, the unsure looks of everyone watching.

Some people are amazing at making the best of their circumstances. It's inspiring to witness heads held high even through very dark times. It is something even more astounding for those people to look beyond their own pain and discomfort to try to lighten the loads of others. I'm so proud of him.


emidinkl said...

Awesome. I love it--he reminds me of my own brother, but Nate uses his armpits. And, Amen to everything else you said. I'm praying for the troops too (and their families): )

Jamie said...

That was great. I'm glad there are people like your brother over there bringing smiles to those kids faces. So cute.

Lauren said...

Thats why Sean's my favorite

Lauren said...
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Carrie & Jayson Carp said...

Okay we've been silent readers of your blog, but that was awesome. Tell Sean he's just the kind of people we want representing our country! By the way, Jace is adorable, I hope I want to have another one too someday... It'll be a while.