the current I

I am: a restless stay at home mom
I think: about going back to work
I know: I should be home with my boys
I want: a baby who likes to sleep
I have: the best husband ever, Ever, EVER!
I wish: I loved newborns
I hate: cleaning up the same toddler mess over and over and over
I miss: my pre-pregnancy body
I fear: failure as a mom and wife
I feel: sore from lifting yesterday
I hear: the wind outside
I smell: like Cool Ranch Doritos after I work out
I crave: a long weekend with Brad
I search: for what makes me happy
I wonder: how many kids we'll actually have
I regret: not going on a mission
I love: the humorous banter I have with my brothers
I care: about the 'have nots'
I always: eat dinner before 5:30
I am not: good at letting people make their own decisions
I believe: in God the Eternal Father, and in His Son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost
I dance: way less than I want to
I sing: at church (and I think more people should do the same!)
I dont always: eat things that are conducive to my fitness goals
I fight: with Brad for eating all the beef jerky
I write: on my blog instead of in my journal
I lose: my mind when I'm in the car with 2 crying kids
I win: at very few games I play with Brad
I never: learned to play the piano and now I wish I had
I listen: to the Wicked soundtrack A LOT
I can usually be found: on the couch with a suckling babe
I am scared: to lose my grandma
I need: more patience
I am happy about: Brad's new job
I tag: anyone who wants to play


kristal said...

we have the beef jerky fight too!!! Um, and I hear ya on the screaming kids in the car...no escape! This is a fun one. I hope more people fill it out!

Parker, Stacy & Trae said...

It has been a while since I checked your blog. Your boys are growing up and so dang cute! I am so jealous you saw Jerry Seinfeld how awesome! And your little sister is married. Too much is going on. I hope your Grandma is well. I think of her often. Love ya and miss ya!

Ty, Christina, Jarom & Emmett said...

I can relate to half of that list. In reference the the pre-pregnancy body......I'm starting to think that I will never be able to see my belt buckle again. In case Brad forgot, I told him to try giving Jace baking soda mixed with water (you may be able to mix it with any liquid) It always helps Ty when he gets acid reflux. Good luck! Sleep will come eventually. Like when they move out : )

Mary Postert said...

Dinner before 5:30? I'm impressed.

christy said...

Loved it all...it is nice to realize we moms are not alone in how we feel!!!!