Wedding Weekend

My little sister got married on Saturday. It was very enjoyable. She's kind of silly and I didn't really know that until recently. I think her beau brings out the funny in her.

Between her luncheon and reception, we took Cohen to the circus. He fell asleep. He must be my child. I fell asleep at a Joe Satriani concert once.

Since my family was in town for the wedding, we blessed Jace on Sunday at church. I wish I had taken a picture of the men who stood in the circle to participate in the blessing. Both of Brad's brothers, both of my brothers, Brad's dad and Grandpa, my step-dad... Such a handsome and lovely group. And Jace made it through the blessing without crying! Brad did a beautiful job. He asked the Lord to bless Jace with a strong testimony of our Savior, a love for the temple, health and strength, and that he would cling to the scriptures as his guide in life. All good things, I'd say.


Codie said...

Isn't it funny how well we DON'T know our family members until they get married? I have a few members of my family like that. We almost went to the circus but cheaped out.

Jaime S. said...

Sorry I missed it. I never heard of the new blessing date.

Mary Postert said...

Darlene had one of the vases/centerpieces from the reception on her desk at work. It was gorgeous. I loved the green and pink.