Kenyon and Leona Udall
My mom and her 7 siblings have spent a lovely week together in Thatcher, preparing to bury their mother and trying to console their father. Grandpa wanders around the house in his pajamas asking, "Well... what shall I do now?"
We are a family of weepers so I'm not even packing any eye make-up. I am, however, not dreading the funeral. I look forward to the together time with my darling cousins, aunts, uncles, and extended family to reminisce about my sweet grandmother and all of the unique and endearing things that made her so adorable. I'm SO grateful for our eternal family and the ties that bind us together. I would be lost without them.


the Painters said...

It is so sad to think that there are MILLIONS out there who don't believe in eternal families. I wish you and yours peace and comfort at this time honey.

Meagan said...

That is the hardest part for me-Grandpa not knowing what to do now. He said to me Sunday as we were getting ready to leave "It's going to be very quiet here tomorrow, isn't it?" I said "Yeah, Grandpa, it is." He says "I better start picking cotton again or something." :) Poor guy.