We are Leona's granddaughters.

My grandma planned a wonderful funeral for herself
and I think she'd be happy with the way we pulled it off.
It truly was a celebration of her life.
Of course there were tears
but the overwhelming feeling was joyous and sweet.
We love you Grandma.
Until we meet again, my lovely...


Jourdan said...

Is she your mother's mother?
If so, that is a very special connection. Just think, when your mom was fully developed in your grandmother's womb, she had all the eggs she'd ever have. Which meant, part of YOU resided in your maternal grandmother and so back, generation through generation. Being a woman is amazing.

I am sorry for your loss. What a wonderful legacy and example she has obviously left to such a strong family of daughters to pass on her gifts.

onehm said...

Very sweet.
What a treasured photo to have. I'm so glad that her funeral was so healing for all of you. It's the way it should be!!
;) HUGS!

Stacy, Trae, and Parker said...

Can't get through your blog without crying. You know I love your Grandma and Grandpa. They are so sweet. It does mean everything that we will see her again and what a joyous day! I love you girl. I am trying to catch up to you with kids I guess. It happened fast I was quite surprised but excited too! Did I see Cathy at the funeral? I thought I did. It was such a wonderful service. Julie (trae's mom) put it best. "that was the best funeral I have ever been to." I completely agree.