Cohen's first nightmare

Last night was the first time he's been able to describe a scary dream. He said something about a train going into the water, something about Daddy, something about the dark train tunnel... He asked someone to help him and they didn't....
And something about animals. (poor guy!)
We had to think of happy things before he'd settle down. Here's the 'happy things' list:
  1. playing with Gus Gus (the neighbor's dog)
  2. jumping on the trampoline with Tate (the neighbor)
  3. going to the park with Daddy
  4. playing basketball with Jeremy (another neighbor)

He's getting so old, I cant even handle it. He'll be 5th grade class president before we know it!


Lyndsay said...

My goodness! That's awful. Poor little guy. Finn wakes up with night terrors. I always assume they are probably hospital related now. But man, they could be way more elaborate than that! I remember my first nightmare when I was under 4. It was all in black and white. Crazy, these minds!

christy said...

I love love love that we made the happy thoughts list TWICE!! (even if one of them is Gus.) We just LOVE Cohen and we hope those bad dreams STAY AWAY from him!!!