Lehi Days

This weekend is the Lehi Days Rodeo. Good times to be had, I tell you what! Here's the skinny:

Family Dance and rodeo registration Friday night from 6-9pm.
Rodeo events from 8am-3pm on Saturday.
Pony rides and petting zoo from 9am-2pm on Saturday.
BBQ lunch on Saturday from 10:30-1:30. $6 a plate.

We are entering Cohen in 2 rodeo events; The Chicken Chase and The Greased Pig Chase. (Brad caught a chick when he was a kid so he's sure Cohen is destined for success as well. I think he'll cry.)

It's good ol' fashion small town fun, is what it is. Cotton candy, snow cones, karaoke on the portable stage...

Join us, wont you?


Jamie said...

Yes Master Yoda, I would love to join you. Now I just need to convince the old man to tag along. Fun stuff. I would love to see Cohen catch a hog! SO funny.

Heidi said...

So maesyn said that she will catch a chicken with cohen. If I am up to it this evening maybe we will head down. Could you give us more info about location?

Jill said...

810 E Lehi Rd. Corner of Horne and Lehi Road

jodi, making all her mormon dreams come true, at slow as molassess speed said...

Crazy i broked my finger 2 years ago there. Shoot

Wolfingtons said...

i should have looked on your blog yesterday. We missed it. Remind us again next year. Lehi days are soo fun!