Good stuff

  1. Both my kids slept until 6 o'clock this morning! (That's unheard of at our house.)
  2. I found 2 redbox codes for free movies. DVDONME and BREAKROOM
  3. I got a haircut that I dont love (to say the least) BUT it is tolerable with the help of bobbypins.
  4. The weather lately has been AMAZING. I'm off to enjoy a bit of it on a morning bike ride!


christy said...

YEA for sleeping in (if 6:00 can be called sleeping in)I need to see this haircut...I'm sure it's lovely. Also...I am soooo using those free movies...you are the QUEEN of Freebies!!!

Jaime S. said...

sorry about the haircut. we missed you last night

M. G. said...

Fantastic. You deserve it. (well not the bad haircut) Enjoy your day!