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I'm a fan of Sunshine Kids carseats. They are heavy and durable and they grow with your child so you dont have to buy bunch of different sizes and models. Check out the site, watch the demos and I think you'll be a fan too. Especially of the free shipping!

Cohen has been in this Radian 65 model since age 1 but I think we're moving him over to the Monterey Booster (pictured below)and putting Jace in this one. The Monterey's head rest raises up for full head support of taller kids and it goes up to 120 lbs. (Not that either of them will weigh 120 lbs any time before high school graduation but just in case.)

This Monterey Booster also has 2 cup holders! I wont miss having to hand Cohen a drink and then take it back 100 times each errand we run.

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vegas WOLFINGTON said...

Holy Cadillac-of-carseats batman!