I'm grateful for my blog.

Thanks to this post, Brad and I just cancelled our anniversary plans for tomorrow... since it's not actually our anniversary! EVERY YEAR for 4 YEARS, we have to try to remember if we were married on the 25th or the 26th. This year we were sure it was the 25th, but it's not. Both dates were on our wedding announcement because we had our reception the night before the wedding. We loved doing it that way but it sure has messed up our anniversaries ever since!


melmck said...

that's awesome. my parents celebrated their anniversary on the wrong day for several years in a row before my dad's mom had to correct him. it's still a battle for them. thank goodness you have your blog! that would be my only salvation, as well. :)

M. G. said...

You are hilarious. What difference does it make which day you celebrate? Do it both days....for a whole week for that matter. IT is worth it.

Ompagreg said...

Four years just the begining of alot more. Your both great together.
It only matters that you remember each day should be like the first. It's like that funny movie 50 first kisses. Each kiss should be like the first kiss, full of love and meaning, I love you and will miss you until we are together again is what a kiss is saying in a great way. I love to hear the words, I LOVE YOU, but to seal it with that, I LOVE YOU KISS, seals the whole thought.

Love is fun and wonderful.

Happy Anniversary to you both.
Keep it fresh and wonderful!!

Love Dad

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