My great Grandma Thelma Carpenter passed away early this morning. She turned 100 in December! Her husband has been gone for 18 years. She outlived all but one of her children. I remember her often saying that so-and-so cut her in line because they died before she did. I'm happy for her to have moved on, to be reunited with all her friends and family and to be rid of the body that drove her nuts. She was a hoot and I'm happy to have known her so well for so long.


Jaime S. said...

I think we are so lucky to get to know our great grandparents. I got to know 7 of my eight grandparents. One passed away before I was born. They are such lovely people. Why do old people have such a great sense of humor? It is like they know not to take life so seriously after a while.

vegas WOLFINGTON said...

What a life. I remember going to her Temple house quite a bit when she lived there. Actually, Grandpa gave me my pat. blessing there. Grandma C. was always really nice to me. I think she was nicer to the boys... don't you think?