No proof in pictures

Our camera is broken. One too many drops, I guess. It's funny that my lack of pictures has caused a lack of blogging! Silly. So here goes:

We had a great weekend, last weekend. Brad and I spent Friday night watching the Diamondbacks beat the Dodgers at Chase Field. Brad's dad has great seats down low and it was a really good time. Neither of us care about sports very much but any live event is a good time. And any date without kids is a good time!

Saturday morning was our Easter egg hunt in the back yard. I wish so bad that I had some pictures or video but I dont have either. Our boys are up everyday at 6am, like clockwork. This was no exception. We were all in hoodies and rain jackets in the backyard by 6:30. Cohen was hilarious! Each and every egg he found, he'd GASP and squeal, "Look guys! Another one!" It was really funny. All the eggs we had died were washed white by the rain. It was odd for him to have a bunch of white eggs in his basket! He and Jace both LOVED the candy in their eggs. Jace figured out that if he pounded the plastic eggs on the ground, they'd open and he could munch on the candy. He was a sticky mess all day! It was good stuff.

You know what will make Easter more fun in the future? Fuzzy Bunny contests with the kids!! Who's played? (or watched Jimmy Kimmel tonight?) My friends Jinny and Julie taught me to play as a kid. You stuff a giant marshmellow (or peep) in your mouth and say "Fuzzy Bunny". Each person does it over and over to see who can get the most in their mouth without puking. It's absolutely disgusting and hilarious.

Put it on your calendar for your next date night.

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lisa said...

I am with you on the pictures. And I am in a laxy blogging funk where I don't feel like downloading and posting pictures.
I am glad you had a fun easter morning!