14 month old Jacer Magoo

Current tricks:
  • "All done" is his first sign! We're still working on milk, water and food but I think he'll totally catch on.
  • He also said "Da Da" as a Father's Day gift to Brad. Cohen and I were calling "Daddy! Daddy!" and Jace repeated us with "Da Da". Very cute. Brad was thrilled.
  • He will climb up on things and sing "daaaaa!", which is obviously "ta da" as in "look what I can do!" He is such a little monkey and will fearlessly climb on anything.
  • He loves shoes. He likes to put all shoes of any size on his feet... and hands. We dont ask. We just watch and smile.


Leah said...

What a handsome little man! I love baby signing....what a monkey....what am I going to do in a year? YIKES!

vegas WOLFINGTON said...

Jacer pacer. He IS a cute kid, I must say. Maybe Jace and Oli will be better buddies than Eli and C-money.