I have always loved road trips.

In my single days, I took many a road trip to Rocky Point, California, Utah, cross-country... I haven't done it much lately because it kind of loses its appeal when it involves strapping kids into car seats, packing snacks, planning pit stops, borrowing dvd players to entertain them, etc.

This guy
gave us good reason to ditch the kids and head to Vegas for the weekend. 12 hours of driving for about 20 hours of face time.
Totally worth it.
Fun with a capital F.

We played games
(all sorts)

and loved on adorable nephews
like this smiley pants:

Liz threw a great party to celebrate Steven's 30th birthday. We played a game where she told funny stories about his past and then gave us multiple choices of the outcomes. If we guessed the right outcome, we got a water balloon. Eventually, we were all on the lawn chucking our water balloons at the birthday boy! Hilarious! He has the welts to prove that some party goers took the game a little more seriously than others.

We also took my brother Jeff down to the strip since he's never been. The Bilagio gardens and water show never disappoint.

Possibly the biggest news of the weekend was that Brad and I slept until 9:30 this morning! That hasn't happened in YEARS. Like more than 5 years. Maybe longer than that. AND back at home at Grandma Stoddard's, Jace slept until 7:20! Are you kidding me? I have never known him to sleep past 6! The time away was good for everybody, apparently!


Summer said...

yay!!!!! sleeping in is good. and I sooo miss parties, I'm having withdrawls. So glad you guys got to get away!

Leah said...

Fun times! Happy b-day to your funny bro steven...and that stinks that your kiddos slept good for your MIL at not for you....what a fun time!

vegas WOLFINGTON said...
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vegas WOLFINGTON said...

Liz said my comment was a little creepy... so I deleted it. Poor attempt at humor I guess.
Thanks again for making the journey... and of course for facilitating NTW to LV! It is SO great to have our boy home.

Jill said...

I'm so glad a I read the "creepy" comment before it got deleted! :)

Cara said...

I also have a total tesimony of time away. You deserved it!

Heidi said...

a reply to your comment on my blog. I remember one summer when I used to listen to the radio when I would run. I think it was 4ish and already 100. I turned around and went home!!!

summerallen said...

hey are you still on fb? I went to send you a message and cant find you wahhhh...

Amanda said...