This might be TMI

Last Monday, I made some lifestyle changes. My goal is to stick to them for 12 solid weeks. I believe that anything you do for 3 weeks, becomes habit. So 12 weeks ought to really make it stick! I'm tyring to do these 10 things everyday:
  1. study scriptures for at least 15 minutes
  2. exercise for 45 minutes
  3. drink 48oz of water
  4. sleep at least 7 hours
  5. eat 2 fruits and 2 veggies
  6. no sugary sweets
  7. no junk
  8. no eating after 8 pm
  9. journal
  10. random act of kindness

All good things, no? So I felt great all week. I got all 10 done most days and only missed one thing on the list here and there.

Today, I gave myself the day off. I find that when I'm too rigid with myself, it backfires. So at my niece's birthday party, I had pizza and cupcakes. Mind you, I still kept the rest of the rules. It was just pizza and cupcakes! I have been in the bathroom all day. My body is not happy. People cant believe that I dont love pizza. I dont know which shocks them more, that or that I'm a Democrat. The reality is that I dont love pizza because it doesn't love me! We just dont get along. I have had so much energy all week and somehow fit everything in and kept my cool... just to have it all thrown off because of some greasy melted cheese!

Lesson learned. Again.


Heidi said...

The other day I forgot to journal and did not have a perfect 10 for the first time. I was disapointed, but glad that it was not for messing up the food thing.
Yesterday I only got 6.5 hrs of sleep (thanks mikah) and then we had a bbq, so I could not rightfully give myself points for healthy snacks- the salsa was fresh- but the chips-not healthy) Then too tired to read. Only a 7. Today is the "free"day and i'm doing valenties chocolates- but trying not to go overboard. I was at a standstill with loosing baby weight- but as of Friday morning I'd lost 2.8 lbs this week! just by eating less chocolate chips and icecream (results not typical- i'm in the baby weight shed ) but I'm very pleased.

Jaime S. said...

How are you going to make the 7hrs of sleep happen? I want to know your secret?

Jill said...

Brad gets up at 4 to go to work, she he goes to bed pretty early. We both try to be in bed by 10 so that we can be asleep by 10:30. That means he's still not getting enough sleep but by 5:30 I've had my 7 hours. I've been getting up to work out then since the kids dont get up until 6:30 or 7.

Some days I can sneak in a 30-60 minute nap while Co is at school and Jace is asleep. That helps if I've gotten to bed late.

M. G. said...

The only TMI is the democrat part. hahahaha

Amanda said...

bad bad pizza

Lindsay Rector said...

does this mean you won't eat any peanut butter twixs with me? no diet pepsi? hmm....thinking whether or not we can still be friends....