Cohen might like Jace afterall!

Tonight I witnessed one of my most precious moments as a mother. Cohen asked to help put Jace to bed so we were all in Jace's room reading stories. I realized that Jace's blankie was downstairs so I left them and went to get it. When I came back, Cohen was holding Jace's upper lip up with one hand and brushing his teeth with the other hand! And Jace was letting him! Sometimes I have to plug his nose to get him to open his mouth long enough to get the toothbrush in, but he was just holding his mouth wide open for Cohen! I started laughing out loud and so they both did too. It was so darling.

It's funny that just in the last week I've noticed Cohen taking more of an interest in Jace. He asked me if Jace could go to preschool with him today. When I said no because he's too little, Cohen said, "I'll tell the other kids not to take him cuz he's my brother. Then can he go?" It was sweet.

Cohen also informed me this morning that bees take polish from the plants to make honey. He's such a genius.


Emily Ruth said...

i needed to read this today. adorable. thanks : )

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well, i almost sent this e-mail to you, but figured you got it already